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Birdbox author Josh Malerman says “Everything Jimmy Doom writes is smart, smooth, spirited.”

Daily Fiction…that’s right —7 days a week Roulette Weal provides a piece of original short fiction on Substack.

I’ve had a ridiculously varied writing career, from 20+ year headliner of Detroit’s Erotic Poetry Festival to Fine Food editor of cultural icon Orbit Magazine, made infamous by Quentin Tarantino in Pulp Fiction, to writing short fiction heavily populated by outcasts and addicts like myself. My book of 100 Word Stories (some of which are contained in Roulette Weal) Humans, Being, (A Story a Day for a Year) was released in December 2020 and at last count had over 140 FIVE STAR reviews.

Subscribers to Roulette Weal can suggest three-word prompts ( an inanimate object, a living thing, and a landmark or place) and I’ll create a custom piece of 100 Word Fiction within 48 hours. That’s a bit of a parlor trick, but it’s a fun one.

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